The wizard Merlin took Uther Pendragon's first-born to be raised in safety.

In time, as Merlin had foreseen, the child drew the sword from the stone and was proclaimed King of England.

Merlin was always a big-picture thinker. If he'd been a details guy, he might have noticed that the child was a girl.

Can Martha unite the land and usher in a golden age of chivalry, all while maintaining her secret identity?

King Mark is the greatest king who ever lived. Everybody loves him and wants to be just like him.

There is no knight in all of Cornwall who is stronger or more popular than King Mark.

Not any more, anyway.

All hail King Mark!



(Seriously, if you want to stay out of the dungeon, cheer louder.)

Martha's To-Do List:

  • Get Born.
  • Pull the sword from the stone.
  • Become King.
  • Fight wars.
  • Forge alliances.
  • Unite Britain.
  • Slay giants.
  • Conquer an empire.
  • Battle evil sorcery.
  • Assemble the world's greatest knights.
  • Set an example for the Round Table.
  • Become legend.

... a woman's work is never done.

Mark's To-Do List:

  • Become King.
  • Kill anyone who threatens me.
  • Kill anyone who's stronger than me.
  • Kill anyone who annoys me.
  • Utilise evil sorcery.
  • Destroy the world's greatest knights.
  • Undermine and betray the Round Table.

... a tyrant's work is never done.

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Hounds, Harts & Heads

Also housewarmings.
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