The wizard Merlin took Uther Pendragon's first-born to be raised in safety.

In time, as Merlin had foreseen, the child drew the sword from the stone and was proclaimed King of England.

Merlin was always a big-picture thinker. If he'd been a details guy, he might have noticed that the child was a girl.

Can Martha unite the land and usher in a golden age of chivalry, all while maintaining her secret identity?

Martha's To-Do List:

... a woman's work is never done.


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These comics are not part of any chapter
1Title Page17th Sep 20163 Comments
2Christmas Bonus (1)25th Dec 20161 Comments
3Christmas Bonus (2)26th Dec 20161 Comments
4Christmas Bonus (3)27th Dec 20162 Comments
5Bonus (4)28th Dec 20160 Comments
6Bonus (5)29th Dec 20160 Comments
7Bonus (6)30th Dec 20163 Comments
8Literary Q&A with Genji31st Dec 20161 Comments
9Easter Bonus16th Apr 20171 Comments
10Bonus 2-217th Apr 20171 Comments
11Bonus 2-318th Apr 20171 Comments
12Bonus 2-419th Apr 20171 Comments
13DYC - as a Disney Princess20th Apr 20171 Comments
14Legend of... who?21st Apr 20171 Comments
15Mythological Q&A with Achilles22nd Apr 20171 Comments

Secret Origins

This is where it all begins
16Chapter One - Secret Origins18th Sep 20160 Comments
17The Douche and the Duchess18th Sep 20162 Comments
18The Chase and the Choosing25th Sep 20162 Comments
19The Duke and the Detour2nd Oct 20161 Comments
20The Cost and the Costume9th Oct 20164 Comments
21The Dead and the Deceived16th Oct 20162 Comments
22The Baby and the Bathwater23rd Oct 20161 Comments
23The Wizard and the Waterworks30th Oct 20161 Comments
24The Nursery and the Naming6th Nov 20160 Comments
25The Farewell and the Forgetting13th Nov 20160 Comments
26The Creep and the Crush20th Nov 20161 Comments
27The Plea and the Pity27th Nov 20160 Comments
28The Spell and the Surprise4th Dec 20165 Comments
29The Trick and the Transformation11th Dec 20160 Comments
30The Stone and the Signpost18th Dec 20160 Comments

Positions Vacant

Meet Martha
31Chapter Two - Positions Vacant1st Jan 20170 Comments
32The Wimps and the Widower1st Jan 20171 Comments
33The Nurple and the Naysayer8th Jan 20171 Comments
34The Flex and the Futility15th Jan 20172 Comments
35The Sword and the Stone22nd Jan 20173 Comments
36The Battle and the Bungle29th Jan 20171 Comments
37The Forgetful and the Fantastic5th Feb 20170 Comments
38The Royalty and the Regret12th Feb 20173 Comments
39The Record and the Recurrence19th Feb 20171 Comments
40The Droop and the Desire26th Feb 20170 Comments
41The Entrance and the Explanation5th Mar 20170 Comments
42The Mask and the Masculinity12th Mar 20170 Comments
43The Pipsqueak and the Proof19th Mar 20170 Comments
44The Crowd and the Challenge26th Mar 20172 Comments
45The Montage and the Majesty2nd Apr 20171 Comments
46The Pup and the Puppeteers9th Apr 20170 Comments

First Day on the Job

How hard could this "King" gig be?
47Chapter Three - First Day on the Job23rd Apr 20170 Comments
48The Incursion and the Incumbent23rd Apr 20170 Comments
49The Quantity and the Quality30th Apr 20171 Comments
50The Care and the Century7th May 20173 Comments
51The Birthright and the Battlements14th May 20170 Comments
52The Title and the Technicality21st May 20172 Comments
53The Pride and the Peasantry28th May 20171 Comments
54The Harrying and the Homefront4th Jun 20170 Comments
55The Aftermath and the Adoptee11th Jun 20173 Comments
56The Enquiry and the Evasiveness18th Jun 20171 Comments
57The Kids and the Kitchen25th Jun 20171 Comments
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